C1.1.3.1 Brownian Motion of Smoke Particles

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Brownian Motion of Smoke Particles

The speed and direction of a particle floating in a gas changes continuously. J. Perrin provided the explanation for this molecular motion, which was discovered by R. Brown: it is caused by the impacts of the gas molecules on the particle. The smaller the particle, the livelier the motion. It comprises a translational motion and a similarly changing rotation. In experiment C1.1.3.1, a microscope is used to observe the motion of smoke particles in air.


Components of experiments:

1 MIK738865 Microscope EduLED, mono 2
1 MIK760465 Eyepiece WF 10x without pointer
1 MIK747040 Microscope adapter for BMS EcoCam 5 and 8
1 372 51 Smoke chamber
1 450 60 Lamp housing with cable
1 450 511 Bulbs, 6 V/30 W, E14, set of 2
1 460 20 Condenser with diaphragm holder
1 521 210 Transformer, 6/12 V
1 300 02 Stand base, V-shaped, small
1 665 958ET5 Disposable syringe, 10 ml, with Luer fitting, 5 pcs.
1 MIK74704 BMS ECOCAM 8, caméra 8
1 additionally required:
incense cone or cigarette, PC or end device for image transmission

Experiment instructions please click here