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BMT-402D-RC Microscopes
BMT-402D-RC Microscopes
BMT-402D-RC Microscopes

BMT-402D-RC Microscopes

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BMT-402D-RC Microscopes   HEAD: Monocular    EYE PIECE: 10x WF    DIN OBJECTIVES:  4x, 10x, 40xR    ILLUMINATION: LED Cordless

The BMT series microscopes have a great reputation and are a classroom favorite. Known for their durability and versatility with a rugged cast metal stand, stain resistant finish and chrome plated components. Features a locked-on 10X wide field eyepiece with calibrated pointer and 360° rotating head that is inclined at 45°. The ball-bearing objective turret is mounted, allowing for smooth alignment while positive click stops ensures precise magnification. The DIN achromatic objectives are parfocaled and parcentered to provide sharp, color-corrected images. Packed in a fitted styrofoam box and includes a dust cover and an instruction manual. 5-year limited warranty excluding bulbs. 

  • Monocular 45° Inclined, 90° Video,or 45° Dual View Head, all 360° rotatable
  • Reversed triple nosepiece includes achromatic color-coded DIN objectives
  • 115mm x 120mm plain stage with locked-on stage clips
  • Built-in illumination system in base with an on/off switch
  • LED illumination with light intensity control
  • Cord holder for convenient storage