Blood Typing Kit ABO 3-200

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Blood Typing Kit ABO 3-200

Target Grades 9-14


Provide an exciting personal experience… this kit allows students to determine their own blood type, while learning the basics of ABO blood typing.  Includes the antisera for demonstrating real ABO blood typing agglutination reactions.  The specially designed Hema-Tag® on which the blood typing identification is performed is self-adhesive and can be affixed in a student notebook for a permanent record.  Includes enhanced instructor’s manual with background material and student worksheets complete with answer keys.  Antisera are perishable.  Refrigerate to prolong shelf life. Materials provided are sufficient for up to 50 tests. Meets national standards for grades 9-12. Also appropriate for college level.

Scope of Delivery
• Instructor’s Manual • Reproducible Student Data Sheet • Test Tube Method Procedure Sheets • Slide Test Method Procedure Sheets • “What Type of Blood Do You Have” Procedure Sheets • Lancets • Hema-Tags® Antisera • Yellow Plastic Toothpicks • Blue Plastic Toothpicks • Alcohol Swabs • Anti-A Serum, 5mL • Anti-B Serum, 5mL