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B10107 Sexless Human Torso w/Open Back, 17 Part

B10107 Sexless Human Torso w/Open Back, 17 Part

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Sexless Human Torso w/Open Back, 17 Part

This 17 part sexless life-size human torso is appropriate for use in any classroom.  This classic torso shows the major body systems in detail and are numbered, which can be identified using the accompanying key card.  The head is opened, exposing one half of the brain and the neck is dissected to show muscular, glandular, vascular, and neural structures.  The thorax and abdomen are removable allowing easy observation of the internal organs, while the back is opened and dissected showing the vertebral column, spinal cord and nerve endings.  Further examination of the spinal cord is also possible with the removal of one of the thoracic vertebrae.


Dimensions: 13" x 10" x 34"

Removable Parts Include: 

  • Torso, cerebrum, cerebellum, left lung w/rib, right lung w/rib, heart (2 parts), liver, stomach (2 parts), half kidney, half bladder, 7th thoracic vertebrae, small intestine, colon w/pancreas, transverse colon, cecum cover

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