Analysis of Drugs & Poisons 10-502

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Analysis of Drugs & Poisons 10-502

Target Grades: 9-14


Students are introduced to qualitative analysis in the intriguing context of criminal investigation.  Chemical analytical techniques are used to identify over-the-counter drugs, test for controlled substances using simulated drugs, simulate presumptive instructor’s manual with reproducible student instructions, data sheets, and complete answer keys. Meets national standards for grade level 9-12.  Required but not included: UV light, microscope, oven, lamp, or hot plate, scale, glassware and lab supplies.

Scope of Delivery
• Instructor’s Manual w/ Reproducible Student Data Sheet • MSDS • Simulated Urine Alanine • Simulated Urine Glycine • Simulated Urine Unknown • Crime Scene Unknown • Unknown “A” • Unknown “B” • Unknown Powder “X” • Unknown Powder “Y” • Aspirin • Tylenol  • Alka-Seltzer • Butanol • Simulated LSD • Simulated Marijuana • Acetic Acid • Acidified Ferric Nitrate Solution • Acetone • Sodium Bicarbonate  • Hydrochloric Acid • Ninhydrin (powder)  • Empty Plastic Bottles W/Dropper Caps • Universal Indicator and pH Color Chart  • Chromatography Paper • Capillary Tubes • Depression Plates • Pipets • Q-tips • Toothpicks • Scott Reagent • Unknown Drug Sample • Quinine Monohydrochloride • Glass Sample Vials • Pasteur Pipets