ABO Blood Simutype 3-400

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ABO Blood Simutype 3-400

Target Grades 9-14

Blood typing has always been an important biology exercise introducing immunology, genetics, and forensics.  To avoid the concerns of working with real biological fluids, but still experience the vital exercise of blood typing, this kit features the safety of simulated bloods and antisera along with the convenience of self-adhesive Hema-Tags®. Students determine the blood types of samples for A, B, O, and AB blood types.  From background information presented in the kit and their experimental results, students are able to use genetic information to answer a series of paternity questions and determine genotypes and phenotypes of the blood donors.  Students also learn how to determine possible blood donors and recipients for blood transfusions.  Includes enhanced instructor’s manual with background information, reproducible student worksheets, and answer keys.  Contains 15mL of each serum and blood sample, and additional materials sufficient for 50 student tests; or up to 225 individual tests if Hema-Tags® are used only as templates under the reusable glass slides, provided.  Meets national standards for grades 9-12.


Scope of Delivery
• Instructor’s Manual • Reproducible Student Instructions and Data Sheet • MSDS • 50 Hema-tags®  • Green toothpicks • Yellow toothpicks  • Microscope slides • Simulated Anti-A antiserum • Simulated Anti-B antiserum • Simulated Blood Samples from 4 Individuals