664097 Stoichiometric Reaction Vessel

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Stoichiometric Reaction Vessel

Metals react with water or acids in the stoichiometric reaction vessel, developing hydrogen while doing so. The atomic weight and the chemical valence of the metal can be determined on the basis of the volume of the gas collected in a gas syringe and the pre-weighed metal mass. The lower portion of the vessel is first filled with water or acid, the vessel is then purged with a non-reactive gas (N2) and, after a gas syringe has been attached to the reaction vessel, the reaction is started by lowering the plunger. The reaction then proceeds calmly, without flames being produced. Glass with lateral connection (GL 18) and three-way stopcock at the lower end.

Height: 225 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 0.22 kg