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Leybold LD Didactic

58756 Lecher Systems With Accessories

58756 Lecher Systems With Accessories

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Lecher Systems With Accessories

For investigating and demonstrating the propagation of electromagnetic waves along wires; includes light-bulb probe for detecting current and voltage nodes and antinodes on the line when open and when terminated with the characteristic impedance Z = 200Ω.


Scope of delivery:

  • Lecher line, 5/4 λ (4 plug-in parts, l = 44 cm, 7 mm diam.)
  • 3 Holders on rod
  • Shorting jumper, 1/4 λ: l = 17 cm
  • Bridging plugs (from 501 511)
  • Resistor, 200 Ω, STE 2/19 (577 35)
  • E10 screw socket, up ward facing, STE 2/19 (579 06)
  • Bulbs, 3.8 V/0.27 W, E10, set of 10 (505 10)
  • Distance isolator
  • Coupling loop, 1/2 λ: 30.5 cm long



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