586850 Base Unit For Hall Effect

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Base Unit For Hall Effect

For plug-in connection and supply of the various germanium crystals on plug-in boards, with rod for mounting the device between the pole pieces of the demountable transformer. For measuring the Hall voltage and conductivity as a function of temperature. With integrated, adjustable constant-current source, measuring amplifier for temperature measurement, automatic heating cut-out for to protect the crystal, compensation circuit for offset voltage which can be adjusted or deactivated.

Technical Data:

• Required supply voltages:
Heating voltage: I = 2 A ... 4 A, 15 V DC
Constant-current source: 12 V, 40 mA DC
• Outputs:
Hall voltage, 4 mm safety sockets
Temperature 1 mV / °K, via 4 mm safety sockets
Additional safety sockets for voltage drop across crystal
• Dimensions: 15 cm x 25 cm x 5 cm
• Weight: 0.5 kg


1 586 851 Undoped germanium on plug-in board
1 586 852 P-doped germanium on plug-in board
1 586 853 N-doped germanium on plug-in board