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Leybold LD Didactic

56213 Coil With 250 Turns

56213 Coil With 250 Turns

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Coil With 250 Turns

Low-voltage coil. Can experience both low voltage and high voltage when used as secondary coil, therefore not suitable for student experiments.

Technical Data
• Casing:   Impact-resistant plastic of high mechanical and thermal resistance, rear made of transparent plastic so that
the winding can be seen, with square opening for slipping the coils over the U-core (562 11)
• Electrical connections: via safety sockets (all coils)   Centre taps • Coil ratings:   Printed on each coil casing are the number of turns, DC resistance, inductance and max. continuous current. • Max. current:   May be considerably exceeded for short periods. • Number of turns: 250 • Max. continuous current: 5 A • DC resistance: 0.6 Ω approx. • Inductance without iron core: 0.0022 H • Wire diameter: 1.5 mm


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