559938 X-Ray Energy Detector

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X-Ray Energy Detector

The energy detector is designed for use with the x-ray apparatus (554 801), recording energy separated measurements within the x-ray spectrum. The detector expands the range of experiments possible in quantum and atomic physics, and will also perform non-destructive material analysis.

Description Topics:

Recording the spectrum of an x-ray Quantitative investigation of the Compton effect X-ray florescence and recording florescence spectra of different elements Verification of Moseley's law using florescence spectra Non-destructive material analysis

Technical Data:

  • Photosensitive area: 0.8 mm
  • Cooling for detector: thermoelectric (Peltier element)
  • Entrance window (plastic): absorption equivalent to graphite with d = 40 µm
  • Detectable energy field: approx. 2 keV to 60 keV
  • Energy resolution at E = 6.40 keV (Fe Kα-line): 0.4 keV half-width value
  • Distribution voltage: ±15 V, +5 V (via plug-in power supply 100...250 V, 50...60 Hz, included)
  • Output: BNC socket for connection to the MCA box
  • Dimensions: 60 mm x 120 mm x 60 mm
  • Weight: 450 g