55956 Rutherford Scattering Chamber

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Rutherford Scattering Chamber

Cylindrical vacuum chamber in which the scattering of particles at thin metal foils can be easily demonstrated both quantitatively and qualitatively. Also suitable for experiments on alpha spectroscopy. With axial rotary transmission lead through for swiveling the preparation and foil holder, and angle scale for a defined setting. Alpha detector is attached to the housing wall via a BNC plug. Additional rotary transmission lead through for a second foil in the particle stream. Chamber lid and base made from acrylic glass so that the scattering chamber is also suitable for projection using an overhead projector.


Technical Data
• Angle scale (swivel range):-150° via 0° to + 150° with 5° divisions
• Vacuum tube connection: 9 mm dia.
• Measurement connection: BNC socket
• Dimensions: 12 cm x 19 cm dia.
• Weight: 1.8 kg

Scope of delivery
• Vacuum chamber
• Alpha detector with detachable slit screen 2 mm
• Slit screen 1 mm
• Slit screen 5 mm
• Gold foil in holder (559 54)