559421 Millikan Supply Unit

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Millikan Supply Unit

Power supply unit for Millikan apparatus (559 411) for voltage of the plate capacitor and illumination system, adjustment of voltage via rotary potentiometer, with digital display for voltage, one switch for simultaneous switching on and off of the DC voltage and the electric stop-clocks, one switch for activating both of the outputs for stop-clocks, for measurement with one stop-clock (floating voltage method) or with two stop-clocks (rising and falling method).

Technical Data
• Outputs via 4-mm-safety-sockets:
for plate capacitor 0... 600 V
for measurement of capacitor voltage e.g. with CASSY: 0 ... 6 V
for illumination system: 12 V / 10 W
for connecting 1 or 2 stop clocks
• Digital display for voltage: 3 digitsheight of digits: 14 mm
• including plug-in power unitprim.:
230 V, 50/60 Hz
sec.: 12 V / 20 W
connection: female
• Dimensions: 19 cm x 15 cm x 11 cm
• Weight, complete: 1 kg


1 559 412 Millikan apparatus