559412 Millikan Apparatus

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Millikan Apparatus

For demonstrating the quantization of electric charges and determining the elementary charge. Compact arrangement, consisting of plate capacitor under transparent cover, measuring microscope with angled tube 45°, illumination system and oil atomizer (685 75) with rubber bellows (667 241), on stand with tripod, adjustable in height, including plastic bottle with oil (685 78).

Technical Data:
• Plate capacitor: Spacing: 6 mm
Diameter: 80 mm
connection via 4-mm sockets
with O-rings for sealing the transparent cover
• Illumination system:
Halogen lamp, 12 V / 10 W
Connection via 4-mm sockets
• Measuring microscope:
objective enlargement: 2x
eye piece enlargement: 10x
micrometer: 10 mm / 0.1 mm
• Dimensions: 25 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm
• Weight: 4.0 kg