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Leybold LD Didactic

55901 End - Window Counter With Cable

55901 End - Window Counter With Cable

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End - Window Counter With Cable

Self-quenching Geiger-Müller counter tube, in a plastic housing, with a very thin mica end-window which also allows the registration of soft β radiation. With a permanently attached cable. Complete with a protective cap for the mica window.

Additionally required:
Rate meter with integrated high-voltage supply.

Technical Data:
• Gas filling: neon, argon, halogen
• Mean operating voltage: 450 V
• Connection: screened cable, 55 cm long, with coaxial plug (Amphenol-Tuchel T 3162/1)
• Plateau length: 200 V
• Relative plateau slope: < 0.05 % V-1
• Dead time: approx. 100 µs
• Service life: > 1010 pulses
• Background in plateau: approx. 0.2 pulses s-1. (with 50 mm Pb and 3 mm Al shielding)
• Responsivity to γ radiation: approx. 1 %
• End-window: 9 mm dia.
• Mass per unit area 1.5 ... 2 mg cm-2
• Dimensions: 75 mm x 24 mm dia.


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