555624 Electron Deflection Tube

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Electron Deflection Tube

For the quantitative investigation of the deflection of electrons in the electric field of the plate capacitor or in the magnetic field of the pair of Helmholtz coils (555 604), to assess the speed and specific charge of the electrons, observation of the passage of the beam on the light screen with a cm grid, fastening on the tube holder (555 600).


Technical Data:
• Electron gun: connection through the tube holder
• Filament: 6.3 V/ 1.5 A
• Anode voltage: 1.5 ... 5 kV
• Plate capacitor: connection with a 4 mm safety socket
• Capacitor voltage: 10 kV
• Distance between the plates: 50 mm
• Light screen: 90 mm x 50 mm
• Diameter of the glass bulb: 90 mm
• Overall length: 270 mm

Additionally required:

1 521 70 High-voltage power supply, 10 kV
1 555 600 Tube stand