555571 Fine Beam Tube

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Fine Beam Tube


Hot cathode ray tube with indirectly heate oxide cathode, Wehnelt cylinder and conical anode with a screening cylinder, as well as a pair of plates for electrostatic deflection of the beam. Hydrogen filling with precisely adjusted pressure in which the path of electron beams can be seen in the form of a luminous, sharply defined bundle of ions. Designed for qualitative and quantitative investigations of electron beams in electric and magnetic fields as well as for the determination of the charge-to-mass ratio e/m of the electron and also for measuring the electron velocity v.


Technical Data:

    • Gas filling: hydrogen 1.33 x 10-5 bars
    • Electrode system: indirectly heated oxide
      cathode, Wehnelt cylinder, conically shaped
      anode with semi-cylindrical screen
    • Filament voltage and current: 6 V, 1 A approx
    • Anode voltage: 150 V DC to 300 V DC
    • Wehnelt voltage: 10 V max.
    • Deflection: pair of deflection plates for electrostatic deflection
    • Connecting socket with nine pole pin-socket (555 581)
    • Deflection voltage: 50 V DC to 100 V DC
    • Dimensions:
      Diameter of glass bulb: 17.5 cm
      Overall length: approx. 35 cm