5548281 X-Ray Image Sensor

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X-Ray Image Sensor

Compact high-resolution sensor head with USB module for capturing X-ray images with an X-ray apparatus at daylight conditions (without X-ray film). Together with the precision slide (554 829), the image sensor is a high performance camera for X-ray photography, radiology, material testing, crystallography and computed tomography for use in practical trainings and demonstrations at universities. The X-ray images can be saved as grey scale image in full resolution or they can be used for 3D reconstruction of the irradiated object with the computed tomography software. Such reconstruction is done live while capturing the images within minutes. The sensor head is inserted with the precision slide (554 829) into the experiment chamber of the X-ray apparatus. The X-ray image is captured indirectly, as the radiation is first converted with a scintillator foil into a viewable, analogue, intermediate image and then with two large CMOS sensors into electrical voltage. This analog video signal of the sensor head is transmitted via a dual-link DVI cable to the digitalizing USB module and finally as grey scale image to the PC. The USB module is located outside the X-ray apparatus to enable a compact as possible experimental set up within the X-ray apparatus itself. The CMOS sensors used here have proven themselves thousands of times and for over 10 years in industrial applications, e.g. in non-destructive material testing, production control and in medical engineering. Used in an X-ray apparatus they also provide high-resolution radiography images up to CT scans.

Technical Data:

Analog sensor head

    • Sensor: CMOS without pixel line defects (premium grade)
    • Sensor area: 49.2 mm x 48.0 mm (shielded for increased durability)
    • Resolution: 1024 pixel x 1000 pixels
    • Pixel size: 48 µm x 48 µm
    • Video output: analogue (0.5 µV/electron)
    • Connection: dual-link DVI socket
    • Housing: stainless steel
    • Dimensions: 75 mm x 88 mm x 34 mm
    • Weight: 500 g
Digitalizing USB module
    • Resolution AD converter: 12 bit grey scale
    • Connection: USB 2.0 (full speed)
    • Dimensions: 186 mm x 165 mm x 30 mm
    • Weight: 700 g
Additional Required:
1 554 829 Precision rails for X-ray image sensor

 Additionally Recommended:
1 554 820 Computed Tomography Pro software
1 554 826 Accessories for computed tomography
1 554 827 Red-cyan glasses (3D)