524220 CASSY Lab 2

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Advanced development of the successful CASSY Lab software for recording and evaluating measurement data acquired using the CASSY family, with comprehensive integrated help functionality and many operable experiment examples.
Including measurement server for the distribution of live measurements, table and diagram as well as measurement files on tablets or smartphones.

  • School license for use on any number of PCs in a school or institute
  • Supports up to 8 Sensor-CASSY modules 2, Sensor-CASSY modules and Power-CASSY modules via a USB-port or a serial port
  • Supports Pocket-CASSY modules and Mobile-CASSY modules at different USB-ports
  • Supports joule and wattmeter and Universal Measuring Instruments for physics, chemistry and biology
  • Supports all CASSY sensor boxes
  • Additionally supports numerous devices via the serial interface (e.g. VideoCom, IRPD, balance)
  • "Plug and play" enabled for easy use: the software automatically detects the connected CASSY modules and sensor boxes and displays these graphically, inputs and outputs are activated simply by pointing and clicking and typical experiment parameters are automatically loaded (depending on the connected sensor box)
  • Measurement data can be displayed in the form of analog/digital instruments, tables and/or graphs (also simultaneously, with user-definable axis assignment)
  • Measured values can be recorded manually (at a key stroke) or automatically (choice of time interval, measured time, lead time, trigger or additional measurement condition)
  • Powerful evaluation functions including various fits (straight line, parabola, hyperbola, exponential function, free fitting), integrals, diagram labelling, calculation of user-definable formulas, differentiation, integration, Fourier transforms
  • Connection to the integrated measurement server in the local network via QR code
  • Experiment files in XML data format (can also import experiment files which are prepared with CASSY Lab 1)
  • Convenient exporting of measurement data and diagrams via the clipboard
  • Complete with more than 150 experiment examples from physics, chemistry and biology with detailed descriptions
  • Graphical display of CASSY, sensor box and connector allocation when the experiment file is loaded
  • Free updates and demo version available from OUR INTERNET HOMEPAGE
  • PC Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32+64 bits), alternatively Linux or Mac OS (up to version 10.14) with Wine, free USB port (USB apparatus) or free serial port, local network (for measurement server), supports multicore processor

Click here for Instructions Sheet CASSY LAB 2 INSTRUCTIONS


P1.3.1.3 Experiment

P1.3.4.1 CASSY LAB Experiment

P1.3.4.1 CASSY LAB 2 Experiment

P1.3.4.2 CASSY LAB 2 Experiment

P1.3.5.3 CASSY LAB 2 Experiment

P1.4.1.2 CASSY LAB 2 Experiment

P1.4.2.1 CASSY LAB 2 Experiment

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