5240383 Leybold Axial B Sensor S, ±0.3 mT

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Leybold Axial B Sensor S, ±0.3 mT

For measuring magnetic flux density of small fields in the axial direction with CASSY (524 013, 524 006, 524 005W2, 524 018) or universal physics measuring instrument (531 835). For example, useful in measuring the earth's magnetic field (40 ... 60 µT) or for measuring a field surrounding a current-carrying conductor for direct and alternating currents (Biot-Savart). Including a nonmagnetic stand rod with thread.
  • Measurement ranges: ±30/±100/±300 µT
  • Compensation: up to 300 µT in each measurement range
  • Frequency limit: 100 Hz in the 300-µT measuring range