524013 Sensor-CASSY 2

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Sensor-CASSY 2

Cascadable interface device for recording measurement data

For connection to the USB port of a computer, another CASSY module or the CASSY display (524 020USB
Sensor-CASSY (524 010), Sensor-CASSY 2 and Power-CASSY (524 011USB) can be mixed in cascades
3-fold electrical isolation (4-mm inputs A and B, relay R)
Measurement possible simultaneously at 4-mm inputs and sensor box connector sites (4 channels)
Cascading of up to 8 CASSY modules possible (to expand the inputs and outputs)
Up to 8 analog inputs can be provided by adding Sensor-CASSY sensor boxes
Automatic sensor box detection (plug and play) by CASSY Lab 2 (524 220)
Microprocessor-controlled with CASSY operating system (easily updatable via software for function enhancements)
For use as a bench-top, console or demonstration unit (also in CPS/TPS panel frames)
Voltage supply 12 V AC/DC via cannon plug or adjacent CASSY module
Developer Information, LabVIEW and MATLAB driver available through our internet homepage

Technical Data:

5 analog inputs 2 analog voltage inputs A and B on 4-mm safety sockets (electrically isolated) Resolution: 12 bits Measuring ranges: ±0.1/±0.3/±1/±3/±10/±30/±100/±250 V Measurement error: ±1% plus 0.5% of range end value Input resistance: 1 MΩ Scanning rate: up to 1 MHz per input Amount of measured values: nearly unlimited (dependent on PC) up to 10,000 values/s, at higher measuring rate max. 200,000 values Pre-trigger: up to 50,000 values per input 1 analog current input A on 4-mm safety sockets (alternatively to voltage input A) Measuring ranges: ±0.03/±0.1/±0.3/±1/±3 A Measurement error: voltage error plus 1% Input resistance: < 0.5 Ω Scanning rate: up to 1 MHz per input See voltage inputs for further data 2 analog inputs at sensor box connector sites A and B (All CASSY sensor boxes and sensors can be connected) Measuring ranges: ±0.003/±0.01/±0.03/±0.1/±0.3/±1 V Input resistance: 10 kΩ Scanning rate: up to 500 kHz per input See voltage inputs for further data The technical data will change depending on a connected sensor box. In this case CASSY Lab 2 automatically detects the possible measurement quantities and ranges when a sensor box is attached.
4 timer inputs with 32-bit counters at sensor box sites A and B (e.g. for GM box, timer box or Timer S) Counting frequency: max. 1 MHz Time resolution: 20 ns
5 LED status indicators for analog inputs and USB-port Colours: red and green, according to status Light intensity: adjustable
1 change-over relay (switching indication via LED) Range: max. 250 V/2 A
1 analog output (LED switching state indicator, e.g. for holding magnet or supplying experiment) Variable voltage range: max. 16 V/200 mA (load ≥ 80Ω)
12 digital inputs (TTL) on sensor box sites A and B (at present only used for automatic sensor box detection)
6 digital outputs (TTL) on sensor box sites A and B (at present only used for automatic switching of a sensor box measuring range)
1 USB port for connection to a computer
1 CASSY bus for connecting additional CASSY modules
Dimensions (WxHxD): 115 mm x 295 mm x 45 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg

Scope of Delivery:

Sensor-CASSY 2
CASSY Lab 2 software, without activation code, with comprehensive help function (16 full-functionality sessions free, then usable as demo version)
USB cable
Plug-in supply unit 230V, 12V/1.6A