52156 Delta Current Power Supply

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Delta Current Power Supply

Extremely high-performance extra-low voltage power supply, can also be used as a constant-current source and as a delta current generator. Can be deployed e.g. for generating a current which rises and falls linearly over time for experiments on the relationship between the induced voltage and the change in the magnetic field strength over time, or as a high current power supply like 521 55.In addition to the functions of the high current power supply (see 521 55), the delta current power supply is equipped with a switchable delta current generator which generates a constant dI/dT, continuously adjustable in the range from 0.2 ... 2.2 A/s. The maximum current (up to 20 A) and the maximum voltage (up to 24 V) can be limited to protect connected apparatus, just as in power-supply mode.


Technical Data:

  • Output: 0...24 V, 0 to 20 A, max. 240 W
  • Permanent protection against short circuit
    4-mm safety sockets
  • Residual ripple at full load: <= 50 mV
  • Stabilization at full load: <= 1%
  • Two 3-digit digital displays for current and voltage
  • Supply voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Protection: T 2.5
  • Power consumption: max. 45 VA
  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 21 cm x 23 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg