51601 Torsion Balance

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Torsion Balance

For measurement of small torques as required e.g. in experiments on Coulomb's law of electrostatics' and magnetostatics or when measuring the forces in homogeneous electric fields or the magnetic fields of straight and circular conductors as well as the force acting on a current-carrying loop in a magnetic field.


Technical Data
• Restoring force of the sensitive system: 3 x 10-4 Nm
• Sensitivity: 3 x 10-7 N (light-spot reading on scale placed 1 m away)
• Graduation: in steps of 5°
• Concave mirror:
Dimensions: 17 mm x 20 mm
Focal length: 35 cm approx.
• Height: 70 cm
• Total weight: 5 kg

Scope of delivery:
• Frame on heavy base plate
• Suspension device for the system and support for the damping device
• Sensitive system with two thin steel wires between which the holder for inserting the experimental
objects is suspended
• Detachable concave mirror and damping vane
• Bar for dynamic calibration
• Bar for static calibration
• Damping vane
• vessel
• Pair of spare torsion wires