514571 ESR Control Unit

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ESR Control Unit

Power supply unit for the HF transmitter of the ESR basic unit (514 55) and the pair of Helmholtz coils (555 604) for electron spin resonance experiments; Digital display of the high frequency as well as current and modulation amplitude.

Phase shift between the oscillating input voltages, proportional to the HF amplitude and the current flowing in the coil.

Technical Data:
• Magnetic field supply, adjustable:
0 to 15 V-, 0 to 5 V~
• Current max. 1.5 A (protected against overloading)
• Phase difference: adjustable
• Current measurement: up to 1.5 A-, up to 0.5 A~
• Frequency display: 4 digits (up to 130.0 MHz)
• Mains connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, via main cable
• Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm x 23 cm
• Weight: 3.5 kg approx.

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