47290 Pockels cell

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Pockels Cell

This apparatus is used to demonstrate the linear electro-optic effect (Pockels effect): the double refraction of a crystal changes in response to an electrical field. With lithium niobate, this effect is proportional to the applied voltage. The optical axis of the crystal is parallel to the electrical field of a plate capacitor and perpendicular to the main axis of the geometric light path (transverse configuration). The experiments are carried out using a linearly polarized laser (471 830).


Technical Data:
• Crystal: lithium niobate (LiNbO3 )
• Dimensions of crystal:2 mm x 3 mm x 20 mm
• Length of light path: 20 mm
• Plate capacitor
Plate spacing: 2 mm
Area of plate: 3 mm x 20 mm
• Half-wave voltage: approx. 380 V
• Angular range: ±90°
• Electrical connections:
4-mm safety sockets
• Diameter of holder: 130 mm
• Rod dimensions: 85 mm x 10 mm dia.