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Leybold LD Didactic

471221 Fabry - Perot - Elaton

471221 Fabry - Perot - Elaton

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Fabry - Perot - Elaton

For interferometer set up to the Zeeman effect, high parallel glass plate, two-sides semi reflecting metal-coated, incline of the etalon to the optical axis is changeable by adjusting screws, on rod.

Technical Data
• Diameter: 25 mm
• Depth: 4 mm
• Reflection coefficient: 0.85
• Wave length: 644 nm
• Flatness: 32 nm (λ /20)
• Material: Suprasi
• Refraction coefficient: 1.457
• Resolving capacity: approx. 400,000
• Diameter of the holder: 13 cm
• Rod diameter: 10 mm


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