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Leybold LD Didactic

46763 Spectral Tube Hg (with Ar)

46763 Spectral Tube Hg (with Ar)

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Spectral Tube Hg (with Ar)

For observing the emission spectrum of mercury (with Ar), gas discharge in capillary tube, connections fitting to holder for spectral tubes (467 81).

Technical Data
• Filling: Hg (with Ar)
• Capillary: Length : approx. 7 cm Diameter, inside; 1 mm
• Ignition voltage: <5 kV
• Operating voltage: <5 kV (no X-radiation)
• Length: approx. 22 cm

Additionally required:

1 467 81 Holder for spectral tubes
1 521 70 High-voltage power supply, 10 kV




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