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Leybold LD Didactic

467251 Compact Spectrometer USB

467251 Compact Spectrometer USB

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Compact Spectrometer USB

Compact spectrometer for computer-assisted recording of emission and absorption spectra, light inlet through a freely movable optical fibre waveguide. Inside the spectrometer the light is split up by means of a fixed grating and projected onto a silicon CCD array. Thus, the intensity of all wavelengths is measured simultaneously allowing measurements of even rapidly changing processes such as flame tests.

For absorption measurements first of all a reference spectrum is measured, then one of the absorbers to be investigated in the path of the light. The software calculates the difference and therefrom values such as transmission, absorption, etc.

Typical experiments are emission spectra, e.g. gas discharge, flame tests, Fraunhofer lines in the solar spectrum, Wien's law, LED spectra, etc. or absorption spectra together with an external light source, e.g. of filters; sodium vapour.

With fibre holder (460 251) for use on an optical bench.


Technical Data:
• Setup: Czerny-Turner
• Detector: silicon CCD array
• Wave length range: 350 – 1000 nm
• Resolution: 1 nm
• Integration time: 3 ms to 1 s
• Computer connection: USB
• Power supply: via USB
• Fibre connection: SMA 905
• Dimensions: 89 mm x 63 mm x 34 mm
• Mass: 190 g

Scope of delivery:
• Spectrometer
• Software SpectraLab
• Optical fibre waveguide



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