467231 Spectrometer and Goniometer

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Spectrometer and Goniometer

For observing and measuring emission and absorption spectra. With a precise scale for measuring the angle of deflection for prisms and gratings; thus also suitable for determining the refractive index and mean dispersion. With an adjustable slit, condenser, flint glass prism, telescope and illuminated cross-wires.

A holder for the metal line grating (471 51) can be used instead of the prism table.

Technical Data

• Prism:

Length of base: 33 mm
Height: 22 mm
Refractive index (nD ): 1.620
Mean dispersion (nF -nD ): 0.017

Resolution (λ/Δλ): approx. 3300

• Grating holder 50 mm x 25 mm

• Angular scale: 0° to 360° with 0.5° divisions

• Accuracy: 1' (via vernier)

• Condenser:

Focal length: 160 mm
Diameter: 16 mm

• Objective:

Focal length: 160 mm
Diameter: 16 mm

• Power supply for cross-hair illumination:

8 V/0.15 A, via cable with 4 mm plugs

• Total height: approx. 25 cm

• Weight: approx. 8 kg