388182 Hot -Air Engine

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Hot -Air Engine

For the demonstration and quantitative investigation of thermodynamic cycles, the reversibility of which can be shown.
Can be operated as:
• a thermal engine with an output of approx. 10 W
• a heat pump with a max. attainable Temperature of approx. + 100 °C
• a refrigerator with a min. attainable temperature of approx. - 30°C


Technical Data
• Piston capacity: approx. 150 cm³
• Compression ratio: approx. 1 : 2
• Heat output: 300 W
• Dimensions: 50 cm x 26 cm x 70 cm
• Weight: 15 kg

Scope of delivery:

  • Basic apparatus, fully functional, with flywheel and working cylinder
  • Cylinder head cover with screw-on seal for a test-tube or thermometer
  • Set of 10 test-tubes
  • Drive belt
  • Small pulley
  • Stand rod
  • Bottle of silicone oil, 20 ml