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Leybold LD Didactic

37156 Joule-Thomson Apparatus

37156 Joule-Thomson Apparatus

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Joule-Thomson Apparatus

For the quantitative investigation of the Joule-Thomson effect with Sensor-CASSY module (524 013). The apparatus consists of a glass cylinder which is subdivided in two chambers through a dividing wall with a fritted glass filter inserted. The gas supply and outlet is via GL connections. Because of that it also is possible to measure critical gases which may not be mixed with air. The sensors for temperature and pressure are also connected by GL-thread connections with crimp ring. The temperature measurement is done with two extremely thin NiCr-Ni thermoelements as differential measurement using a Sensor-CASSY module. Because of these very quick temperature sensors, it is possible to avoid the complex task of keeping the gas to a consistent temperature. Furthermore you can see the adiabatic change of temperature as the pressure in the pressurized half of the cylinder rises and falls. The pressure is measured with the pressure sensor (524 064). The recording of the measurement is done by means of the program CASSY Lab (524 220). This allows the equilibrium to be set up very well.


Technical Data
• Glass tube:   Length 240 mm   diameter 35 mm • Connections:   3 GL 14 ISO threads for gas supply and thermoelements   2 GL 18 ISO threads for gas outlet and pressure sensor • Max. pressure above atmospheric: 1000 hPa • Weight: 120 g



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