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Leybold LD Didactic

37107 Gas Elastic Resonance Apparatus

37107 Gas Elastic Resonance Apparatus

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Leybold Gas Elastic Resonance Apparatus

Leybold Gas Elastic Resonance Apparatus For derivation of adiabatic state equation cp/cV, determining internal friction of gases and investigating amplitude and phase at the resonance frequency. Consisting of glass tube with two-one-way valves, two magnetic pistons, a coil with holder, hexagonal stand rod, PVC tubing and hose connectors.

Technical Data • Glass tube:   Internal diameter: 14.0 mm ± 0.01 mm   External diameter: 18 mm   Length: 535 mm   Graduation: 0.2 cm • Pistons:   Diameter: 13.9 mm   Length: 20 mm   Weight: 8.8 g ±0.26 g • Coil:   Number of turns: 500   Coil resistance: 4.2 Ω approx.   Maximum current: 1 A

Additionally Recommended

  • 522 561 Function generator P 1
  • 522 621 Function generator S 12 1
  • 575 471 Counter S 1

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