355 Heliocentris Dr. FuelCell Science Kit Complete

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Dr. FuelCell Science Kit Complete

The Dr FuelCell® Science Kit is an extensive experiment set for the subject of renewable energies.
Flexible components, 20 pre-configured experiments and detailed supplementary material make it a complete package for teaching physics and chemistry in grades 9—12.

Teaching Material and Experiments:

The 4-volume instruction material of the Dr FuelCell® Science Kit is designed for the lower and upper secondary level and consists of three experiment volumes and one volume with background information. The experiment volumes cover a broad spectrum of subjects from the physics and chemistry curricula:

  • Student assignments for independently conducting experiments both individually and in groups
  • Detailed teacher’s guides with instructions for experiments, sample results and interpretations
  • Worksheets with short articles and written assignments for independent use in class or at home
The fourth book, “Principles and Applications”, includes articles with background information that can be used independently in classes.

The accompanying CD-ROM includes two videos and two PowerPoint presentations on the principles and applications of fuel cell technology and two experiments with the Dr FuelCell® Science Kit.

Examples of experiments

  • Current/voltage characteristic curves of solar panel and fuel cell
  • Faraday’s first law
  • Electrolysis
  • Dependence of solar current on the distance and incident angle of the light source
  • Series and parallel connection of solar and fuel cells
  • Water = 2 parts hydrogen + 1 part oxygen
Components of Kit:

Solar Module
The 5-cell photovoltaic module is used for experiments in solar energy and for generating electric energy for the hydrogen generator. The practical base facilitates alignment towards a source of light. Bulb Not Included

The electrolyzer separates water into hydrogen and oxygen. It is operated with distilled water and requires no caustic solutions or acids. The integrated graduated hydrogen storage cylinders visualize the classic hydrogen separation experiment, as in the Hoffmann apparatus.

Fuel Cell
The fuel cell generates electrical energy from hydrogen and oxygen. It is based on PEM technology, which is the most widespread technology used in the development of fuel cell applications, e.g. for motor vehicles or stationary power supply systems.

Load Measurement Box
The convenient and compact load measurement box is used for recording data during experiments. Integrated consumers, such as a motor, a lamp and 7 selectable resistors, enable numerous experiments, e.g. recording characteristic curves, or current and voltage.

The take-apart Fuel Cell
The take-apart fuel cell makes it possible to examine the functions and the design of a fuel cell in detail. A plug-in resistor, an electrode with reduced catalyst quantity and an air panel for air instead of oxygen operation enable in-depth experiments.

Methanol Fuel Cell
The methanol fuel cell uses methanol instead of hydrogen to generate electrical energy. This makes it possible to conduct more extensive experiments. The package includes storage cylinders for the storage of methanol solutions.

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Load Measurement Box

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