34820 Gyroscope

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For observation of the gyroscope phenomena and for demonstration and measuring of processional and notational motions, with three extreme smooth running axes with double ball bearings- for upright shaft- for horizontal axis- in gyroscope disk. Set-up in adjusting stand base, holder with angular scale for the horizontal axis to determine the nutation amplitude or the angle of the applied force, and adjustable damping for observing the processional motion without nutation, with movable tare mass and supplementary mass for generation of torques, the possibility of mounting a second gyroscope disk (348 21), facility to equip the gyroscope with rotational sensors S (524 082) at two axes and reflection light barrier (337 468).


Technical Data • Upright shaft: 22 cm • Horizontal axis: 54 cm • Angular scale: 50° to 130° • Gyroscope disk Mass: 1.6 kg Diameter: 23 cm • Tare mass: 1 kg • Supplementary mass: 50 g • Total weight: 8 kg