33211 IR Position Detector

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IR Position Detector

Opto-electronic measuring instrument for registering the oscillations of gravitation torsion balances. Measuring principle: four IR-diodes successively emit infrared light, which is reflected onto a row of phototransistors by the concave mirror mounted on the gravitation torsion balance. A microcontroller determines which phototransistors are illuminated. These measurements permit determination of the main focus of the illumination. Data are recorded using a TY-recorder, or alternatively using an MS-DOS computer via the RS-232 serial interface. (The apparatus is supplied with a disk containing a Windows program for direct measured-value acquisition and evaluation, as well as the source code for using the IRPD under Turbo Pascal. The source code plus documentation serve as a description of the interface, for creating programs for any computers and programming languages.)


Technical Data:
• Transmitters: 4 infrared LEDs
• Receivers: 32 phototransistors
• Path resolution: 0.64 mm/18.5 mV € 2%
• Output voltage: 0...2.3 V +-1.5 %
via 4-mm sockets or jack plug 3.5 mm
• Output current: max. 5 mA, short-circuit proof
• Serial connection: RS 232/sub-D 25
• Voltage supply: 12 V AC (plug-in power supply unit included) or via 4-mm sockets
• Power consumption: approx. 3 VA
• Dimensions: 21 cm € 11 cm € 6.5 cm
• Weight: 320 g