31802 Students Kit Water Purification

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Students Kit Water Purification

With the experiment boxes Water 1 and 2, the pupils get an insight into the cycle of the vital substance water. They recognize the importance of water for our lives, learn where it comes from, how it is distributed as drinking water, then used and ultimately discharged as waste water, treated again and fed back into the cycle.

You will acquire an age-appropriate understanding of the careful use of water as a resource.

  • The following experiments are possible with the materials in box 1:
  • determine which types of earth hold up or let water through
  • find out that a sand and gravel filter holds back solid components, while dissolved substances (oil, salt, detergent) cannot be removed from the water by filtration
  • recognize the impact of polluted water on germinating plants
  • understand the stages of mechanical water purification
  • discover the principle of communicating vessels and transfer its applications


1 × Dye, blue

15 × Push-in socket, red

15 × Filter tube with hose attachment

15 × Copper wire mesh

15 × Coarse sieve, black

15 × Plastic cup with graduation

15 × Plastic cup with graduation

15 × spoon

2 × spoon

7 × Connection hose, 300/14 mm outer diameter

1 × Connection hose, 650/14 mm outer diameter

15 × Plastic shell

15 × Plastic pot

1 × Plastic box, 140/50/35 mm

1 × Water allocation plan 1


1 - Drilled deep into the earth

2 - The great soil type test

3 - Groundwater is clean, if not ...

4 - A small water cycle

5 - We are building a well

6 - Who creates the water pressure?

7 - We try to explain wastewater with the "rake"

8 - We try to treat wastewater in a "settling basin"

226900  Experimenting at stations: drinking water, wastewater and experimenting with water
318023  Water allocation plan 1
3180251 Teacher's handout water
3180252 Poster water cycle, DIN A1, colored