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Leybold LD Didactic

311902 Rotating Platform

311902 Rotating Platform

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Rotating Platform

For experiments in which certain components are to be continuously turned and the respective angles determined either with a recorder or via a computer interface (CASSY), e.g. diffraction experiments with ultrasonic, angular distribution of micro-waves. The system is driven by a DC gear motor and friction roller; rotary motion is registered via an additional friction roller and a five-turn potentiometer. The rotational angle is proportional to the change in resistance. An angle scale (5° scale division) is printed on the rotating platform; a 4-mm hole is through the center.

Technical Data • Platform diameter: 25 cm • Platform thickness: 16 mm • Material: aluminum • Motor voltage: max. 6 V DC • Motor current: max. ± 140 mA • Potentiometer: 10 Ω ±1%

• Linearity: ± 0.25 % • Max. angle of rotation: 380° • Max. load (axis): 15 kg • Max. load (edge): 5 kg • Dimensions: 29 cm·10 cm • Weight: 1.7 kg





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