21-2305 Spectra UV-VIS - Spectrometer

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Spectra UV-VIS - Spectrometer

Spectrometers SPECTRA produced by Kvant are easy to use educational spectrometers ideal as a general-purpose instrument ideal for schools. The last progress in the physics make spectrometers possible to reach reasonable price.

Spectrometers SPECTRA produced by Kvant are easy to use, educational spectrometer ideal for general measurement at schools, yet accessible at very good value.

SPECTRA spectrometers are designed to effectively examine the visual part of the spectrum (from 360 nm to 940 nm), with sufficient sensitivity, covering a wide range of experiments. Construction of the device is solid enough to withstand the rough handling in the student's labs.

Design: The spectrometer is equipped with all the components necessary to do precise measurement from the entrance slit through the grating to the detector. Optical signal enters the device through the open area or flexible optic fiber.

Connection to any of your experiments cannot be easier. Data side is connected to the PC by USB 2.0 interface. It comes preconfigured and ready to use. Just plug it into computer and start your experiment! Specially selected transitive grating with fine trimmed entrance slit is a guarantee of the high resolution and good reliability of the results. Software: Software for data collection has intuitive interface with clear real time graphics output. For easier interpretation of the spectrum, every wave band is marked with corresponding color. The spectrum can be exported in graphic form for easy publication, or in text form (raw data) for more advanced scientist's calculations. Several toolbars allow setting of the spectrometer parameters, so they fit precisely to requirements of the experiment.

The software is offered in Multilanguage version (ENG, GER, FR, RU, SK) and is compatible with Win XP, Vista, W7, W8, W8.1. Spectral range: 360 – 650 nm Spectrometer resolution: < 0,8 nm FWHM Pixel resolution: < 0,33 nm Detector: 1/3.5" Color CMOS Sensor, 1.3M, 1280x1024 S/N ratio: 45 dB (full signal) A/D resolution: 8 bit Frequency: up to 15 spectra per second (1280x1024) Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 120 mm Weight: 600 g Software: Win XP and Vista based, USB 2.0 Package includes: Spectrometer with USB cable, optical fiber, CD with software and Instruction manual

Spectrometer.pdf Click left for manual