21-2200 Spectral Plus

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Spectral Plus

Demonstration set for color mixing and spectra. This set allows to explain the light, spectra, color mixing, light diffusion and absorption.

Spectral Plus demonstration set is designed for easy visualization of the basic light and color principles. By using red, green and blue light emitting diodes (LEDs), filters of different colors and gratings, it is possible to demonstrate additive and subtractive color mixing, light diffusion, absorption and diffraction. By using the spectroscope students can analyze the light emitted by the different light sources, understand the difference between continuous and bright line spectrum and understand the general white light source.

Color and color vision is very interesting part of physics for students, since they get in touch with the principles everyday life.

Advantages of this set: - light effects – experiments with light have strong motivational potential - visibility – demonstration of creating different colors - easy to manipulate – simple color adjusting, simple turning on and off of light sources - safety – tool does not use high voltage Content of the Spectral Plus demonstration set: • RGB display (square matrix of 36 LEDs containing 12 red, 12 green, 12 blue LEDs) • Neon tube • 1 white LED with phosphor wavelength converter • 1 incandescent bulb • 1 mercury fluorescent lamp • set of color and diffusion filters • slit for the RGB display • spectroscopes • stand

file:///C:/Users/rsape/Downloads/Spectral-ENG-Ne-Tube%20(1).pdf -Click left for manual