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Leybold LD Didactic

204690EN LIT: Basic Science Kit Chemistry

204690EN LIT: Basic Science Kit Chemistry

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Basic Science Kit Chemistry

Teacher´s sheets with solutions and student´s sheets, DIN A4

In each case teacher´s and student´s sheets, DIN A4, in ring file with CD, approx. 430 pages, in English.
Altogether 100 experiments:

  • Inorganic chemistry
    Basic experiments/separation experiments
    Properties of substances
    Mixture of substance
    Separation of substances
    Water as a solvent
    Analysis, synthesis and detection of water
    Air, gases and their properties
    Air and combustion
    Preparation, test and use of different gases
    Acids and bases
    Production, test and effects of acids and bases
    Bases - preparation and properties
    Salt formation
    Properties and use of salts
    Metals and non-metals
    Properties and use of metals
    Properties and use of non-metals
  • Organic chemistry
    Preliminary tests
    Tests for carbon
    Properties of hydrocarbons
    Alcohols, aldehydes and ketones
    Production of alcohols
    Test for alcohol
    Preparation and properties of alcohols
    Carboxylic acids and esters
    Preparation of carboxylic acids
    Properties and use of carboxylic acids
    Production and properties of esters
  • Analytical chemistry
    Preliminary tests
    Flame colouration
    Borax bead
    Paper and thin-layer chromatography
  • Physical Chemistry
    Electrochemical reactions
    Electrolytic cells
    Particle motion and energy
    Particle motion
    Chemical reactions and energy

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