2027RT Microscope Kit

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2027RT Beginner Microscope Kit

The MG30 beginner microscope kit will bring you lots of fun and excitement as you discover the microscopic world. This microscope is light and portable with a durable metal frame.

This beginner microscope kit includes an activity guide to conduct fun experiments such as: "Hatching Brine Shrimp", make your own slides, "Want to See Crystals?", preparing a mount, creating and staining smears, a simple section cut, and Life Under Glass.

What’s Included:

  • Microscope
  • Carrying case
  • Slide set (set of 12):
    • Five prepared plastic slides
    • Seven blank plastic slides
  • Seven slide labels
  • Seven square glass coverslips
  • Seven round plastic coverslips
  • Four bottles containing:
    • Sea salt
    • Brine shrimp eggs
    • Eosin dye
    • Gum media
  • Hatchery
  • Petri dish
  • Two collecting vials
  • 10mL Graduated cylinder
  • Scalpel, straight teasing needle, pair of plastic tweezers
  • Mini microtome
  • Replacement LED bulb
  • Activity Guide
  • Monocular microscope with durable metal frame that is lightweight and portable
  • Dual illumination - mirror on one side, LED light on reverse side
  • 100X, 400X, 900X magnification
  • Activity guide for conducting experiments and making slides
  • Molded plastic case with built-in handle for convenient storage and transport
Head Monocular head, vertical optical tube
Eyepiece 10X eyepiece
Nosepiece Three position nosepiece with 10X, 40X and 90X objectives
7cm x 6.5cm plain stage, locked-on plastic stage clips
Diaphragm 8 hole disc diaphragm with colored filters
Focusing Coarse focus control
Illumination Reversible, mirror on one side and LED light on the other side
Power 2 AA batteries (for LED illumination - not included)
Construction All metal construction, arm tilts for adjustable viewing