200301 LeyLab Natural Science Digital Management

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LeyLab Natural Science Digital Management

Online portal for the management of experiments and devices.
School license for any number of users to manage, structure and inventory a complete scientific or technical educational resource collection to optimize the preparation and follow-up times of the lesson.
Complete experimental literature containing physics, chemistry and biology. The acquired license also enables the offline use of the literature in the Document Center.
The online portal is platform-independent and responsive and runs on all current Internet-enabled devices.

  • Overview of the total inventory of the educational resource collection, e.g. with number, article name, inventory number, storage location.
  • Overview of all experiments possible with the collection of educational materials or a special device.
  • Installation and management of the individual storage structure such as premises, cabinets, shelves and trays, also with deposited images.
  • Inventory of the complete teaching material collection with indication of the storage location.
  • inventory of device sets, which in turn consist of several individual devices.
  • Inventory also using internal school inventory numbers or with individual barcodes, also for distinguishing identically constructed devices.
  • Inventory also indicating the availability of a device, e.g. available, borrowed, defective.
  • Generation of individual barcodes for label printing.
  • Support of standard barcode scanners, tablets and smartphones for automated access to devices.
  • Administration also of own articles or articles of foreign manufacturers, including description, pictures, documents, media and comments.
  • Import of existing inventory lists.
  • Access to instruction sheets, experiment descriptions, safety data sheets and other media - expandable with your own documents.
  • Creation and documentation of own experiments with corresponding hints, pictures and comments.
  • Creation and export of inventory lists with indication of number, article name, storage location, status, inventory numbers and comments, e.g. in Excel or LibreOffice.
  • Creation and export of experiment lists, which are feasible with the collection of teaching aids taking into account the availability of the individual devices, e.g. in Excel or LibreOffice.
  • Creation of the device lists of an experiment with the indication of number, article description and storage location, e.g. as PDF for printout.
  • Creation of an up-to-date list of hazardous substances with designation, danger symbols and storage location of the hazardous substance
  • Free online demo access available at leylab.de