19011 Sonography (Ultrasound Experiment Set 11)

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Sonography (Ultrasound Experiment Set 11)

For the investigation of the possibilities and limitations of the B-image procedure and training in the basic handling of an ultrasound B-image device

Ultrasound imaging based on the B-mode method is an important tool in medical diagnostics. Similar to X-ray or MRI, the B-mode method provides cross-sectional images of the internal structure of a technical body or organism without exposing it to radiation. This simple experiment set enables application-oriented experiments for training and internships in medical and medical-technical disciplines. Students can use it to investigate the possibilities and limitations of the B-mode method and practice the basic handling of an ultrasound B-mode device. For practical experiments, the set includes an ultrasound fetus phantom with acoustic properties similar to those of human tissue and can be expanded with other ultrasound phantoms. An array probe, such as that used in medicine for examinations of the abdominal cavity, is used to image the internal structures of the phantoms with the measurement software. This ultrasound probe has an array of 64 convexly arranged transducer elements. In addition, the influence of various parameters (focusing, dynamic range, graphic filters, brightness, contrast, etc.) on signal and image processing can be investigated.


Item No. Designation
10412 Ultrasound B-scan device Gi210 (incl. array probe)
10430 Ultrasound fetus phantom
10224 Ultrasound breast model with cysts
10225 Ultrasound breast model with tumors
10440 Ultrasound gallbladder model
70200 Ultrasound gel


MED08 Ultrasound fetus phantom experiment
MED09 Breast sonography
MED10 Ultrasound of the gallbladder