19010 Ultrasound Imaging (Ultrasonic Experiment Set 10)

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Ultrasound Imaging (Ultrasonic Experiment Set 10)

Demonstration of the possibilities and limitations of the B-image method including a clear representation of the path from the individual ultrasound signal to the complete B-image

B-mode imaging is an ultrasound method often used in medicine or in material testing. Similar to X-rays or MRI, the B-mode method provides cross-sectional images of the internal structure of a technical body or organism without exposing it to radiation. This experiment set was put together to be able to understand the path from the ultrasound signal to the complete B-image in detail and to examine the possibilities and limitations of the B-image method and to train its application in practice. The set enables basic and application experiments for student training and internships in the medical and medical-technical disciplines at universities and technical colleges. With the 2 MHz ultrasound probe and the test block, experiments can be set up on the physical principles of ultrasound propagation (sound travel time, sound attenuation, reflection at interfaces, acoustic shadows, etc.). By using a single-element transducer, the path from the ultrasound signal via the amplitude signal (A-image), its conversion to a gray-scale coded line scan and the assembly of such line scans to form a complete cross-sectional image (B-image) can be shown. For practical experiments, the set includes two ultrasound phantoms with acoustic properties similar to those of human tissue. An array transducer is used to image the internal structures of the phantoms, such as those used in medicine for examinations of the abdominal cavity. This ultrasound transducer has an array of 64 convexly arranged individual elements. A separate extension module is integrated into the GS200i
ultrasound echoscope to control the array transducer and to record and evaluate the signals. The internal structures can be imaged and measured using the measurement software. In addition, the influence of various parameters (focusing, dynamic range, graphic filter, brightness, contrast, etc.) on signal and image processing can be examined.


Item No. Designation
10410 Ultrasonic echoscope GS200i (incl. array probe)
10152 Ultrasonic probe 2 MHz
10201 Test block (transparent)
10420 Ultrasound test phantom
10430 Ultrasound fetus phantom
70200 Ultrasound gel