19007 Doppler Sonography (Ultrasound Experiment Set 7)

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Doppler Sonography (Ultrasound Experiment Set 7)

To demonstrate the basic physical dependence of the ultrasound Doppler effect on frequency, angle of incidence and blood flow velocity

Doppler sonography is the application of the ultrasound Doppler effect in human and veterinary medicine. It is used primarily to determine blood flow velocities, characterize flow curves, and localize and classify stenoses and heart valve defects. This experiment set helps to demonstrate the basic physical dependencies of the ultrasound Doppler effect on frequency, angle of incidence, and blood flow velocity. The ultrasound pulse Doppler and the associated software can be used to demonstrate signal recording and processing, up to the color-coded Doppler frequency spectrum used for medical diagnostic purposes. Using a realistic arm model and a microcontroller-controlled centrifugal pump, different blood flows (venous = continuous, arterial = pulsatile) can be set and measured. The stenosis integrated in the arm model can be detected and characterized using the Doppler. The pulse curves can be used to make statements about the flow velocity and wind kessel function. If the experimental set is supplemented with a blood pressure cuff, Doppler occlusion pressure measurements can be demonstrated to characterize peripheral arterial occlusive diseases.


Item No. Designation
50400 Ultrasound Pulse Doppler FlowDop200
10152 Ultrasonic probe 2 MHz
50112 Doppler prism 3/8″
50130 Centrifugal pump MultiFlow
50435 Doppler probe
50160 Arm model
70200 Ultrasound gel



PHY13 Ultrasound Doppler effect
MED03 Basics of Doppler sonography
MED05 Vascular diagnostics with ultrasound (angiology)



Item No. Designation for trial
50201 Flow set PHY13 Ultrasound Doppler effect
Riser pipes ,
flow set
PHY15 Flow laws
50300 Blood pressure cuff with manometer MED06 Blood pressure measurement with ultrasound (Doppler occlusion pressure measurement)