19005 Debye-Sears Effect (Ultrasonic Experiment Set 5)

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Debye-Sears Effect (Ultrasonic Experiment Set 5)

Introduction to acousto-optics and the use of continuously emitted ultrasonic waves as well as visualization of a standing ultrasonic field using laser light

The devices and materials in this experiment set enable experiments to introduce acousto-optics and the use of continuously emitted ultrasonic waves (CW - continuous wave). The focus is on the Debye-Sears effect and the imaging of a standing ultrasonic wave field using laser light. Using the CW generator SC600, ultrasonic waves of different frequencies can be generated in a water bath. The ultrasonic waves behave like the elements of an optical grating, the grating constant of which depends on the wavelength of the ultrasound. When parallel laser light passes through it, it is diffracted. This creates a classic diffraction pattern, the Debye-Sears effect. By using different ultrasonic frequencies as well as red and green laser light, the dependence of the distance between the diffraction orders on the acoustic and optical wavelength can be shown. If divergent laser light is used, a direct optical projection of the acoustic wave field can be carried out. With the help of an absorber mat , the differences between progressive and standing ultrasonic waves can be demonstrated. By adding a photodiode receiver , the set can be expanded to an ultrasonic resonance cell. This is mainly used for concentration measurements.


Item No. Designation
20100 CW Generator SC600
20200 Debye-Sears set
20211 Laser module (green)
20223 Lid for AOM sample tray
20225 AOM sample tray
20227 Absorber mat
20230 Projection lens



PHY11 Debye-Sears effect
PHY12 Projection of standing waves



Item No. Designation for trial
Adjustable mirror ,
photodiode receiver
IND04 Concentration measurement with resonance cell
Beam splitter ,
2 adjustable mirrors ,
2 photodiode receivers
PHY17 Acousto-optical modulation of standing ultrasonic waves
10351 Hydrophone set with BNC connector PHY19 Phase and group velocity
20212 Laser module (blue) PHY11
Debye-Sears effect