19001 Basics of Ultrasound (Ultrasound Experiment Set 1)

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Basics of Ultrasound (Ultrasound Experiment Set 1)

Physical and technical aspects of ultrasound technology and its application in medicine, natural sciences and engineering

This set can be used to conduct experiments on the basic physical and technical aspects of ultrasound technology and its application in medicine, natural sciences and engineering. Reference is made to both the introduction of the basic technical terms of the measurement technology of echoscopy and the essential physical properties of ultrasound. The GS200 ultrasound echoscope and the associated software are used to clearly illustrate the signal generation and signal processing from the transmission pulse through the reflection echo to the A-image and B-image. Essential technical terms such as transmission power, reception gain and time-dependent gain, probe frequency and coupling are elements of the experiments. In terms of physical properties, quantities such as amplitude, frequency dependence, speed of sound, attenuation and reflection coefficient are the subject of the investigations. The transition to ultrasound applications is achieved with the demonstration of the formation of an ultrasound B-image, the basics of non-destructive material testing and simple industrial applications such as level measurement. With additional accessories, the basic physics experiments can be expanded to include interesting topics such as spectral investigations, resonance effects and dispersion of ultrasonic waves.


Item No. Designation
10400 Ultrasonic echoscope GS200
10151 Ultrasonic probe 1 MHz
10152 2 ultrasonic probes 2 MHz
10154 Ultrasonic probe 4 MHz
10201 Test block (transparent)
10207 Test cylinder set
70200 Ultrasound gel


PHY01 Basics of ultrasound echography (A-scan)
PHY02 Speed ​​of sound in solids
PHY06 Frequency dependence of resolution
PHY08 Ultrasound B-image
IND01 Non-destructive testing (NDT)
IND03 Level measurement



tem No. Designation for trial
10218 Transverse wave set PHY04 Sound attenuation in liquids
10202 Reflection plate set PHY05 Spectral investigations
10451 Hydrophone set PHY20 Determination of the focus zone
10208 Impedance samples PHY21 Reflection and transmission at interfaces
Tripod set ,
Erlenmeyer flask
IND03 Level measurement
10221 Breast model MED02 Ultrasound examinations on the breast model (mammography)
10222 Eye model MED04 Biometrics on the eye model