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16106 Mini Kit Heat

16106 Mini Kit Heat

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Mini Heat Kit

The box contains instructions and materials, etc. a. Tea lights,
a thermometer, mugs, glass tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, rubber stoppers and a burner rack.
Basic experiments in the field of heat can be carried out with the materials in the box .

The instructions describe the following 10 experiments:

Model of a thermometer

Technical thermometer

Evaporation and condensation

Thermal radiation

Absorption of thermal radiation


Thermal conduction in water

Change in shape through heat

Change in volume of air when heated and cooled

Change in volume of water vapor during heating and cooling

Mini Kit Heat


1 × Thermometer with a metal scal

10 × Tea lights in metal cups

2 × Rubber stopper, 24/18 mm, with 1 hole

1 × Dropper, plastic

1 × Dye, red

1 × Working document

1 × Ceramic wire mesh

1 × matches

1 × Bowl with pouring spout

1 × Beaker, 50 ml, hf heat-resistant

1 × Aluminum tube, 200x8 mm

2 × Balloons, 100 pieces

1 × Esbit burner, nickel-plated

1 × Erlenmeyer flask, 25 ml, black

1 × Erlenmeyer flask, DURAN®, EH, 25 ml

1 × Glass tube, straight, 200 mm

1 × Test tubes, Fiolax, 160x16 mm, 100 pieces

1 × Silicone hose, 3 mm Ø

1 × Quick disconnect hose coupling

1 × Bimetal strips

161065 Experiment instructions Mini-Box heat

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