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Strawberry DNA Extraction Kit #79

Strawberry DNA Extraction Kit #79

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Strawberry DNA Extraction Kit #79

With specially prepared cell lysating solutions and DNA precipitating. This allows students to easily extract DNA by first crushing the strawberry, then lysing to release the cell components and finally precipitating and viewing the DNA after spooling the DNA on a splint. this kit contains step-by-step student instructions and teacher background information. It is designed for a class of 8 teams of 4 and contains all the material to conduct 2 extractions. It is a simple and quick method that is easy to perform using frozen strawberries.  This is an excellent lab activity for all levels of teaching and for transferring complex concepts from the abstract into real observations. It allows students to visualize DNA and understand some of its properties. It illustrates the enormous length of the DNA molecule.

Use chemical solutions to extract DNA from plant cells Observe some properties of DNA Understand the structure and function of DNA

1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
32 Student Worksheets and Guides
8 Plastic droppers
8 Plastic sleeves
8 Plastic test tubes
8 Poly bags (heavy duty)
4 Cell Lysis Solution, Bottles
2 DNA Precipitation Solution, Bottles
8 Funnels
8 Graduated cups
1 Cheesecloth squares, pkg
1 Wooden splints, pkg

 Number of students 32

Number of groups  Maximum 8 groups per period

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