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PTAWM Visual Scientifics Atwood
PTAWM Visual Scientifics Atwood

PTAWM Visual Scientifics Atwood

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Visual Scientifics Atwood

Using the Visual Scientifics Platform this state of the art equipment makes learning Newton's laws more interesting than ever by having students use technology they love, their smart phone.

Kit includes:
- Atwood machine
- Right angle clamp
- String
- Spring
- Visual Scientifics Post

Main Activities:
- Exploration of equilibrium, conservation of energy, friction, force and acceleration.
- Activities are designed to alleviate common misconceptions involving tension in a string Standards:
- Lab activity book is 10+ pages and covers 2-3 hours of lab materials.

Required Components (not included):
- 2.5 N Spring Scale OR Force Probe
- 2 Hooked mass sets (100g, 9-10 gram weights and 1-10 gram hook)
- Video recording device
- Visual Scientifics base
- Visual Scientifics backboard -
2 Small pads to protect base from falling masses